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"The app gives me motivation. I thought it was too good to be true when I downloaded it. Things like that usually have nothing but in-app purchases but I was delighted to see that it was all free. The Ball Magnet creators should be very proud of themselves."
"I think you guys are doing a terrific job. I do the sessions with my 12 and 10 year olds and they love it. Skills, insight and footy IQ has improved out of sight. Thanks team.”
"I have been following ball magnets since they started up and have really enjoyed all the insights the AFL players have. Also really like the 2 week pre-season training, it keeps me motivated, and accountable to complete daily training.”
"This app can lead you to goals that you would never think you would get there."
"I love the workouts! They challenge me and give me motivation to do more. I love doing these every morning and it makes me happy to know I’ve done something for the day."
"Thank you for giving me tips to make players like me become more skilled and fit."
"I love the content, it’s great to know what it takes to be the best. I love the running sessions the most. The insights are great and hearing about diet and mental health would just top off an already amazing app.”
“Thank you for the tools to try help to set me up for success and continue to love my game."
"I love Ball Magnets! Helps me become a better athlete in a fun and engaging way."
Very good up for football players not exposed to very high levels and wanting to understand or learn new things.”
"Love the program and is helped me lots and has got me 1 step closer to being a better, fitter player.”
"The ball magnets app has helped me with my footy a lot and I think that I have really improved.”
"You have amazing players willing to help anyone improve their footy skills.”
"Is a stand out app because it is being delivered by players in the present and top ones at that. Not just a generic football app but one that offers contemporary insights.”
"Great app, would recommend to everyone looking to better improve on their footy skills.”
"I love this app and the content. This app had the ability of used correctly to provide aspiring athletes the skills and knowledge to improve their performance on a number of levels.”
"I love the insights on the app from the stars of the AFL and AFLW, I feel like it gives me a greater understanding of the game and helps greatly when using it in my own game.
"Specific and short sharp skills and insights are the most valuable to me. Easy to remember and are easy to practice at training and break down, eg. Lachie's "don't get sucked under the ball at a contest and rolling around the back" is a perfect example of what is like to see more of!”
"AFL pathways for my age and what I need to do to get there.”
Really useful app to direct my training and what I should be focussing on to improve.”
"Great app, really gives us programs to keep fit over the preseason and the break. You guys are doing an amazing job keep it up.”
"Ball magnets is a great app that has definitely helped me become a better AFL player.”
"I love the training sessions because I know I’m doing exercises/ drills that AFL players do."
“Loving the community that is being created and the amazing insights!!”
"Love what you guys are offering it’s fantastic! Great for all levels.”
"Great to see AFL and AFLW players giving their knowledge for free.”
"Loved the 2 running sessions of the pre-season challenge so far. Super specific running for football."
"You guy’s are doing a fantastic job! Great for all ages and skill levels!"
“Very well made and has high information in how much work you are required to work on to become your best.”
“Would give 6 stars if I could. I’m often clueless when it comes to fitness but this app is really helping get in shape and to train like a pro. AFL here I come.... Go the Skwakers!”
“This app is great to see insights and training from players at the highest level, and it is helping me on my footy journey. Best part about the app so far is the 14 day pre-season challenge, really preparing me for the season ahead!”
“Very helpful and simple to use app to advance training and get useful tips from pros! Awesome!”
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